Tilting Rock House
Rhode Island

An elderly couple asked Reddymade to transform their holiday retreat – a Japanese-style mid-century house nestled between the rocks by the Atlantic – into their daily home. We remodeled the kitchen and dining room, added a two-car garage, a mudroom and dual work space, as well as giving them more storage and a yoga room. We preserved the lush greenery on the site as well as its spectacular views while leaving room for multiple cars on the driveway.

The key element in our design was placing the new yoga room atop the garage and work spaces. This new building – higher than the horizontally-oriented main house – created an interesting tension between them. Passing through the shaded area between the two leads you to the light-filled, all-glass mud room looking out over the ocean. We designed the roof of the new wing to be accessible for outdoor yoga. From what is now a third floor, you can enjoy unobstructed 360 degree views of the stunning, rocky shore front.