Reddy Residence
Greenwich Village, New York City

We were both client and designer in the renovation of a 375-square-foot former dentist’s office on in a prewar building on lower Fifth Avenue.

The aim of the design was to show that a micro apartment could host a full and lively New York life – in this case, Suchi Reddy’s – with room to relax, eat, sleep, and host dinner parties for eight people. And most importantly, still feel spacious.  Murphy beds were out of the question, so every millimeter of space had to be carefully conserved so it would fit into the overall  “design puzzle” seamlessly.

We gutted the ground-floor, former office and rearranged the spaces so that there would be a view though the apartment from the windows in the front to the one window at the rear.  We installed a series of either open or ‘openable’ walls – taking advantage of motorized shades – that were crucial in making the space feel much larger than it is, as well as – in the case of the enclosed ‘bedroom’ – creating necessary privacy.

Large mirrors were strategically placed to further enhance this feeling of space  (and reflect art by Bruce Nauman).

We tucked 60 cabinets into walls, under counters and furniture, and even pushed the bookshelves  into the existing walls . The dining table  can float up to the ceiling  to make room for a bar during a party. And we made sure everything was white. The end result of our ‘illusory design’  was an apartment that can at once be quiet and private, yet seamlessly turn into a space for many and varied social activities.