Hudson Housing Capital

This project required the renovation of a 7000 square foot space in Rockefeller Center for a client who already had an office in the building. The client wanted their new, and larger, space on the  28th floor to take advantage of better views and light.

Reddymade’s design created a serene, warm and classic space , with a reception area , a large conference room , three partner offices and  twelve offices for associates. We further designed a multi-functional, open meeting area to function mostly as a work space but when called upon it could serve as a pantry area, and also be used for storage.

Our  design called for a mix of exotic woods, – bubinga, macassar ebony , and anigre sycamore  – that would also complement a seagrass wall covering we installed.

The office was L-shaped, so Reddymade created a central core to house such service functions as filing, storage and a pantry. This “core” is wrapped in an envelope of a quartersawn bubinga wood. At either side we placed the reception and administrative areas with canopies over them that extend from the central core. The wood grain in these canopies is oriented horizontally which serves to visually “extend” the length of these outer areas.

In the reception area modern, Japanese-inspired chairs – with a silk lamp nearby -are placed in front of a floating backlit seagrass panel. The effect is an immediate contrast to the outer, and obviously corporate, entry lobby. It serves notice that you are entering a serene space.

The main conference area has views over the famous skating rink at Rockefeller Center. We separated it from the reception area by installing a glass wall with irregular horizontal striping. This offers privacy and complements the grain of the adjacent wood envelope. The top of the  marble table in this conference room has a patterned surface – thanks to inlays of numerous fossils . Set on a bubinga base, the table is complemented by a credenza also made from quartersawn bubinga.

The offices all by the windows are accessed off a main circulation route, itself defined by the bubinga wrapped core. The open workspace area is bounded by a storage wall and provides a much more informal environment for the staff.