Gordon Residence

Upper West Side, New York City

Our client, Japanese-American and single, wanted to maximize and define the space of a newly purchased but tiny, studio apartment. She wanted Reddymade to turn it into an elegant and comfortable space complete with a good kitchen, and enough room for yoga and her crafts table. And yes, the apartment was only 447 square feet.

This being Reddymade’s second take on micro living, our design departed radically from our earlier Reddy Residence. Instead of a clean white minimal box we designed for the latter – a more standard solution to maximize space – this time we opted for a more nuanced approach, one that integrated warm woods, natural stone and textures.

We designed the foyer, bath and kitchen, and storage closets to fit into an “entry” zone, which then opened up the living and sleeping areas to taking full advantage of the light coming in from apartment’s windows. This greatly enhanced ‘the sense of space’ inside.

Drawing inspiration from our client’s heritage and her collection of Japanese objects, we designed a shoji-style screen to separate the sleeping area from the living room. We produced distinctive millwork, in dark walnut and reminiscent of Japanese gates, for the doors and cabinets. That offered warmth and depth.  Another feature we added to the small living area was covering the main window in Parametre, a 3D-textile from 3Form.