134 Manhattan Avenue
Manhattan Valley

Two neighboring townhouse on Manhattan Avenue between 105 and 106th streets were on a landmarked block in what is known as ‘Manhattan Valley’. Designed in the 1880’s by C.P.H Gilbert, one block away from Central Park, these projects are emblematic of the revitalization of this historic neighborhood. 134 Manhattan Avenue was formerly the Grace Adventist church.

(New York magazine was prescient enough to cover the fight to save this historic neighborhood in 1981, and the recent sale of 134 Manhattan Avenue at asking price demonstrates the long term value of preserving the history of our city.)

134 Manhattan was commissioned as a project to be developed for resale by Elizabeth Kellner, who currently lives at 132 Manhattan Ave. Elizabeth, featured in the original 1981 article from New York magazine, was a vocal proponent for the landmarking of this block. Forward thinking and a longtime resident (31 years), Elizabeth wanted to bring as much light and air possible into this former church while maintaining both facades essentially the same. A rear deck and stairs to the garden were added, and the basement turned into a separate apartment with its own garden access.