12th Street Residence
Loft in the Zachary, East Village, New York City

This project for a model  – a single mother who traveled  between LA and NYC – was completed in 2012. It involved renovating a 1,400-square-foot duplex loft which had a mezzanine and 18-foot-high ceiling in the living area. Located in an historic building near Union Square, the loft had a warm southern exposure. (The Romanesque Revival-style building, erected in 1889, had served as an auction house for horse carriages and hansoms.)

Inspired by the beautiful steel beams uncovered during demolition, Reddymade decided to expose them, making them the focus of our remodel. We reconfigured the stairs, walls, and rooms to improve circulation and light conditions. Our design of the stair and a “suspension” support for a bedroom area had an industrial aesthetic, now given a residential function.  We created two new bedroom areas that are wrapped in louvers of reclaimed wood to allow privacy and light.  And we installed two full bathrooms and a powder room. While we did not change where it was in the loft, we outfitted the kitchen with new appliances and cabinetry. The use of reclaimed wood reflected the client’s and our commitment to sustainability.

The contrast of the dark wood, exposed beams, and earthen-hued bathroom tiles with the loft’s white walls and glass handrail produced a striking minimalist interior that feels warm and relaxed .